August BJJ Technique on Youtube Roundup

Always remember … Now on to the techniques. A sweep from de la riva: The Armenian neck tie. No gi leg drag to back take. A side control to mount transition. 8 Basic sweeps. A choke from side control. Sit up guard. A darce choke transition. Taking the back from... read more

Summary of the coaching styles of Muska Mosston

Command Style This style is a very dictatorial style of coaching where the coach gives directions, and the students are instructed to replicate the instructions. The coach will then circulate throughout the students and provide individual feedback. Groups who are... read more

The 8 Limbs of Raja Yoga – Notes

Meditation: The core technique of evolution  Yoga would be the most important part of any evolutionary or spiritual practice. No other skill in the entire arsenal of spiritual techniques will do more for you than meditation and yoga. These are the core techniques. In... read more

Jiu Jitsu Perspective

Jiu Jitsu Perspective – Joe Rogan and Sam Harris have a discussion about the perspective on life you can get from doing jiu-jitsu. To dispel illusions, ego and faith in the unreal. It builds on the benefits of physical and mental adversity to build character.... read more